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Jeance Ingredients Policy

Jeance Ingredients Policy for Safety and Commitment to the People

JEANCE is committed to the Safety of the people and doing business in Ethical way. All the ingredients are independently tested for Safety; Ingredients are sourced from USA, Japan and Europe, meet the criteria set out in the EU for Cosmetic Safety.

We NEVER USE cheap and nasty artificial ingredients that spoil the skin and as well as the environment. We want you to benefit from the best ingredients available on the world and to Shop in a trusted way.

JEANCE Strongly Believe that our product formulations are UNMATCHED in terms of performance, purity, no harm materials to human and real benefits to the people.

We provide the full list of ingredients and as much information for each product on our website. Also we provide the list ingredients used in our product packaging. So our customers can make Cognizant choices and Customer can use the product without any safety issues and worry.

JEANCE Never use any ingredients derived from animals, all of our products are suitable for pure vegetarians.

JEANCE Never tests any of our products on Animals. We follow strictly FDA (U.S The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) rules related to Product testing.